Spades and Ladders, not ropes.

Posted on August 26, 2020

I was recently listening to a podcast about product sales and advice.

A product sales model is the tried and true sales process of turning up to a meeting with a client, you bring with you a spade and a rope. Your sole purpose is to dig a hole deep enough for your client to fall into and magically you have a rope with you that is the only rope that can be used to help your client out of the specific hole that you dug for them.

Whilst listening to this an old joke/saying came to mind. It goes something like this, after a big night out a good friend will bail you out of jail whilst a great friend will be sitting next to you saying let’s do that again.

Now while that might not be the best analogy to use, I liken product sales to that of a good friend, turning up when you are in a hole and providing you some rope.

On the other side of the coin is good independent financial advice, this is where the adviser will talk with you to understand what hole you are in, then jump in and start helping you to build a ladder to get out of that hole.

At Common Sense we see providing advice like a partnership, one where we work together to help achieve your goals and dreams and to help you out of that hole like a great friend.

So next time you are talking to someone about your KiwiSaver, insurance, investments or retirement planning, just think did this person bring a spade and a rope, or are they going to help you build a ladder?

Any information provided is general in nature and not to be considered personalised financial advice. A copy of my disclosure statement is available free upon request.

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